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Working at Terafuze is more than a job,
It’s an Adventure. Are you up for it?

Full Stack Software Engineer

We are Terafuze

We are a small team of passionate problem solvers working to radically change how ambitious organizations and federal agencies build software. Our goal is to make connecting with the government as simple and intuitive as the everyday internet.

We think differently and have developed amazing solutions for interesting problems for our government and commercial clients. We passionately believe that smart people should build things.

Technologies change, but people don’t. At Terafuze, we believe that people are our secret sauce. Our biggest perk is working with amazing people. We believe in investing in our people’s growth and happiness and empowering them to solve for our customers. We are maniacal about our customer’s long term success. We have awesome benefits focussed on happiness and wellness.

What kind of people would be Happy Terafuzers?

We are looking for innovative, talented self starters with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for thinking out of the box. We are looking for those with confidence, curiosity and drive to take on bold missions and challenge the status quo. If you like putting the puzzle pieces together, heck if you like puzzles, we would love to talk to you.


We passionately believe in creating a stunning workplace where talented people like to work, have freedom to make the right decisions and solve for customer’s long term success.   A company where every project is treated as our only project and every customer as our only customer.

We believe in working in small teams of extraordinarily talented people with a relentless focus on innovation. We have a bias towards action and believe in taking responsible risks without being reckless.

We have awesome problems to solve. If you are a problem solver with a passion for innovation, we would like to talk to you.


  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit, are self-motivated and confident
  • You have the passion to improve, extent, re-architect and transform existing products to be amazingly scalable, improved throughput, resilient and modern
  • You love to work with product teams to develop ideas, conceive solutions and implement minimally viable products
  • You have experience in delivering innovative solutions for the federal government
  • You like to apply web-scale design patterns to solve practical problems around high transaction, massively scalable and concurrent search and reserve problems
  • You have extensive experience working a java ecosystem and with the usual components like Spring, Jenkins, Maven, Groovy and their friends
  • Believe in developing applications using an agile approach
  • Scrum or a related methodology, continuous integration, test driven development and test automation


You will have range of responsibilities from “team ideation” to hands on development, implementation, integration and testing. Projects may vary from proof of concepts that are stood up in weeks to becoming the domain expert on our core transaction-processing platform.

Typical projects involve working on a responsive human user interface or API with some form of synchronous processing, usually with a java based back end. Optimizing the system for high volume, high through put transaction processing is key. As with any established business, integrating with existing systems would be required.

You will have the opportunity to get your hands dirty with experimental projects and test beds in our innovation lab using technologies like node.js, backbone.js, Hazelcast , Storm, Hbase and Cassandra.


We are ideally looking for “T-shaped developers”—people who have a broad interest and understanding of technology, databases and the web, but also have deep interest in server side or back end work. We are a polyglot shop and are looking for someone who has experience working in a polyglot environment. We want someone who fits most of these needs. A solid, practical knowledge of the following:

  • Java Eco System: Java, Spring, Hibernate REST, SOAP JSON , Maven, Jenkins, Sonar, Some IDE
  • Eclipse, IntelliJ or NetBeans your choice.
  • Front End – jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Memcached, Rabit MQ, Mule
  • Relational databases – MySQL, Oracle, MySQL Clustering, Golden Gate or similar experience
  • Agile experience – Scrum, Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development
  • Cloud experience – AWS, Docker, Elasticache, Beanstack, RDS, Mongo DB
  • You like to collaborate with internal and outsourced resources.
  • You are comfortable with everything from bash scripting to single page apps.
  • You thrive in a fast paced, agile, cross functional environment
  • You have a degree in computer science or equivalent experience



A Great workplace with espresso, sushi lunches and stunning coworkers.


We have a formula for this. Our competitive compensation package provides you the flexibility to chose an all cash or combo


100% Company funded, best in class medical, dental and vision. Life and Disability Insurance. FSA.


Let us know what you like to read. We will add to our Kindle library. No Limits.


Company matched 401K, investment and retirement advice.


From Spot to Impact awards and bonuses, customized to your likes.


Whatever tech you need, your own Mac, iPhone, thunderbolt or what you need to best do your work.


Competitive salary based on role, experience and cost of living. Yes we have a formula for this!


Our vacation policy can be summed up in 4 words “Use your best judgment”. Take whatever is needed as long as you take at least one.


Positive health habit perks with Fitbits, Gym memberships for all.


In-house training, Certifications and Tech Conferences, Speaking Opportunities.


Be nice and do good. Make a difference in some one’s life.