Startup Thinking and Agility at Enterprise Scale


We are Terafuze

We are passionate about purposeful software.  We provide disruptive software engineering and architecture consulting to ambitious organizations.



It all began with one simple observation. As our founder made his stints through corporate America, people in projects often struggled in understanding the purpose behind putting the puzzle pieces together.  Every project was treated as a “job” and considered a success when (if) it delivered above average value.  People were being compensated generously for their contributions, but the quality of work and their happiness was on a downswing.

To make things worse, adherence to age old process was crippling their ability to innovate, their creativity and agility.  People wanted to help but were unable to do so because there was no freedom.

As a result, Sri thought of an experiment to create a stunning workplace where talented people like to work, ensure their needs are met and provide them freedom to make the right decisions and empower them to solve for customer success.   A company where every project is treated as our only project and every customer as our only customer.



With a vision to create a stunning workplace for talented people, an environment where people come first and a passion to create a company that invests in the growth and happiness of its people, we are disrupting the stereotypical development shop.

A culture that relentlessly encourages experimentation and looking beyond the traditional way, delivering amazing results for hard problems.

Our collective thinking and our observations from the experiment are the foundation for our values.   These are our beliefs and behaviors that guide us and our actions.  They are traits that determine who gets hired, rewarded, promoted and let go.


Solve for Customer Success

Be maniacally obsessed towards adding value to the customer in everything we do. Solve for our Customer’s long-term success.

Find a Way, or Make One

Take ownership, favor autonomy and have a bias towards action.

Think from the Heart

Passion is contagious. Be passionate about everything you do. Be optimistic in your decisions and drive boldly.

Openness Always

Share everything.  Be uncomfortably transparent. Be honest, share information and the real intention behind the information.

Dare to Live Out of the Box

Challenge status quo to create new ideas that prove useful and discover unconventional solutions for hard problems.  Keep it simple and practical.

Be and stay Humble, no matter what

Leave egos at the door, take time to help, respect everyone and celebrate every success.





Sri is our resident visionary, big picture thinker and fearless founder.

With a passion for innovation and relentless pursuit for looking at things differently, Sri believes in disrupting the status quo of the age-old software engineering industry in order to deliver remarkable value to customers.

Sri is an expert in building new and replacing legacy systems with technologically advanced solutions that prove reliable, scalable, and align with customer requirements and corporate objectives.

Sri operates with a contagious, can-do attitude and earned his stripes while employed with leading enterprises such as Transaction Network Services, Freddie Mac and IBM, where he held leadership roles including Chief Architect and Chief Data Scientist.




Nathan is our resident Hacker In Chief and leads our engineering team.

Nathan is a dedicated and passionate software developer and architect who enjoys the satisfaction that comes from developing quality software and fostering teamwork to achieve real results for our awesome customers.

With extensive experience in financial services and startups, Nathan equally excels in enterprise software as well as startup thinking.