“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength can be a true master”

– Albert Einstein

There are companies that claim to be your one stop shop for everything.  They claim to be experts at everything technology has to offer regardless of the context.  They claim that their tools can solve large data problems and even make your morning coffee.

We firmly believe that developing purposeful solutions requires a thorough understanding of the domain and practical hands on experience in applying knowledge.  We are very selective about what we do and we do them very well.  Learn more about our expertise in Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Application Development & Product Engineering and Cloud Engineering.

We have been honing our skills and expertise in solving challenging problems for our customers in specialized areas over the last two decades. Our teams are passionate in their pursuit of mastery in each of our core skill areas


Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Traditional warehouse solutions are dying.  With traditional analytics, it is hard to get data in and even harder to get data of your warehouse.  To make things more challenging, they lack the flexibility and support needed for diverse data types and require massive investments in infrastructure. These solutions are tailored to producing hindsight intelligence.  Our expert team will understand your information needs, locate where your data is, define a strategy for an advanced analytics solution and partner with you to implement the solution on AWS, on-prem or Hybrid.


No BS Bottom Line: Traditional data warehouse solutions are dead. We are experts at partnering with organizations to embrace advanced analytics capabilities for better business decision making. 


Web application development is what we grew up with.  Developing solutions for your web applications using open source and standards based platforms is our specialty.  Extending a web application to create a SaaS business or engineering a product from the groundup requires modularized features, integrated identity management, componentized development and multi-tenancy support.


NO BS Bottom line: Our agile approach has proven to deliver amazing software products for our customers using leading technologies in the Java and JavaScript ecosystem.

Cloud Engineering

Creating a successful strategy to adopt and scale cloud infrastructure can be challenging.  Security, Data Privacy, Elasticity, Availability and Cost management are key.  With a laundry list of products (AWS offers over 70), it could be a daunting task to select, prototype, adopt and scale it the right way.


No BS bottom line:  Our experienced team will help evaluate your business and technology needs and develop a strategy for securing and scaling your cloud compute infrastructure based on industry best practices. 

Industry Solutions

Our expertise in the financial services domain is rooted in our decades of experience in FinTech.  While business practices and processes in the financial services space are mature, systems and technology can be years behind.   For example, the mortgage industry continues to rely on archaic systems, operational workarounds and faces automation challenges.  Our industry specific solutions focus on specific problems in the financial services space like Loan Origination and Pricing systems, Pooling System and Servicing Systems.


No BS Bottom line:  Our experienced team will help you with your buy and integrate or customization needs for products in the financial services domain improving your time to market for products.

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