Welcome 2020 Terafuze Interns

We are excited to be underway with our highly motivated interns this summer.

Max Ward is a returning intern and Ezno Saba is interning with us for the first time this summer. This year will be a little different, as this is the first time we are implementing a virtual internship program. We are all adjusting to the new normal of how we work and live. At Terafuze, the health, safety and well being of our employees, interns and their families is our highest priority.

The 2020 Class

Max is a rising junior at William & Mary working on a double major in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Enzo is a rising junior in Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech.

The 2020 Program

We have turned them loose on a new project and are looking forward to seeing their progress this summer. The project is an online donation management and tracking software for a non-profit organization named Zycle.  It provides bicycles to families and kids in need. Zycle’s belief is that engaging in healthy activities, such as biking encourages a healthy lifestyle and strong relationships.

The Zycle Project

Besides accepting donations, the software will keep track of how the money for each donation is allocated.  To provide the person who made the donation visibility into exactly how their donation is used. We gave Max and Ezno the choice of developing a website or a mobile app. They chose to go with a mobile app and have started working with the Ionic platform for mobile development. We’d also like to leverage Salesforce APIs as much as possible to provide most of the functionality.

We (er, they) will need to develop the mobile app and likely will need to develop application-specific backend services. Perhaps with database access in addition to integrating with Salesforce APIs. This is not a throwaway or toy application. We fully intend to put it to work for the Zycle non-profit organization. Therefore, we need a CI/CD build pipeline in place. Max and Enzo will setup a CI/CD pipeline using AWS Code Pipeline and AWS Code Deploy.

It is satisfying and rewarding to be able to work with interns who are eager to learn and see them grow, learn quickly and work together as a team. We hope that they get a lot out of working with us this summer as well.

The Certs

We are encouraging the interns to work towards a certification this summer, such as the AWS Developer Associate Certification, or possibly a Salesforce certificate or possibly something else. They will also learn the core process steps of the Scrum process (as Max did last summer) such as sprint planning, standup meetings, and sprint reviews.

We have a lot of confidence in our interns and expect them to work together as a team and to be self-starters and to be ready and willing to learn on from each other and on their own. We also enjoy rolling up our sleeves and working directly with the interns ourselves as time permits.

However, it is often hard for us to find more than a few hours to work directly with them per week. Though that’s OK and perhaps good in some ways. They are energetic, responsible, mature adults who work best when we get out of their way and let them do what works for them.  Yet staying in touch to help shorten their learning curve, to provide some direction in terms of software development best practices.

Welcome to our class of 2020 interns, and thank you in advance for your hard work, creative thinking, and can do attitude.


How can Terafuze Help?

We help our customers deliver on the promise of cloud.  We have worked on some really interesting problems that push the limits of AWS.  We have enabled Fortune 50 companies adopt Cloud 2.0 patterns.  Let us help you realize the true benefits of an integrated cloud strategy.